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Trial Set To Start In Shooting Death Of 17yr Old Teen Due To Loud Music [UPDATE 11.11.13]

UPDATE 02.17.14 Michael Dunn convicted on 4 of 5 counts...mistrial determined on the count of 1st degree here for further details

UPDATE 11.11.13:  Michael Dunn's trial for the shooting and killing of 17-year-old Jordan Davis is set to start on February 2, 2014

Another trial is set to start in the state of Florida that will once again test its “Stand Your Ground” law.
On the heels of George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin, Michael Dunn is set to go to trial for first-degree murder in Jordan Davis’ death on September 23, 2013.
On the evening of November 23, 2012 in Jacksonville, Florida, Davis (17) and three friends were hanging out at the mall before stopping at a gas station for refreshments. Rap music was being played in the Dodge Durango the teens were in when Michael Dunn (46) pulled up beside them. Dunn’s girlfriend, Phonda Rouer, recalls Dunn stating that he, “…hated thug music,” in response to the music her heard coming from the teens car as she exited the to enter the gas station. Michael Dunn then rolled down his window and requested that the teens lower their music.
Michael Dunn-arrested for shooting and killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis on Sept. 23, 2013
At this point the Davis family lawyer, John Phillips, reports that the front seat passenger turned it down a bit, but explained that Jordan Davis either told him to turn it back up or leaned forward from his right backseat passenger seat to restore the volume himself.
The teens and Dunn began to exchange words and Dunn claims that at sometime during the exchange he saw what he believed to be a shotgun pointed at him. It was at this point he alleges to have to feared for his life.
Michael Dunn then went into his glove compartment to retrieve his licensed 9-millimeter gun and fired 10 shots into the teens vehicle, while allegedly saying, “You’re not going to talk to me like that!”
The teens, who were unarmed , attempted to drive away to safety. They had not realized that 3 of the 10 shots fired hit and ultimately killed their fellow passenger and friend, Jordan Davis.
Rhonda Rouer heard the shots while still inside the gas station and returned to the vehicle just as Dunn was returning his gun to the glove compartment. She asked why he had fired his gun at the teens and he replied, “They threatened to kill me.” Dunn fled the scene--returning to their hotel, but witnesses including a police officer conducting a DUI test nearby, wrote down his license and reported the incident to authorities. Michael Dunn was arrested the next day. Dunn claims to be unaware that anyone had been harmed during the incident until he saw the report on the news.
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John Phillips believes that race is a key factor in this case, alleging that Dunn assumed the teens were carrying guns when they weren’t. In his words, “No firearm, there was nothing that looked like a stick. There was no broom, no tire iron, no nothing.”
Phillips explains that this case while baring some similarities to the Trayvon Martin case differs in that it is a “first-degree, premeditated murder where a guy fired not one, but 10 shots at these four boys.”
In addition to the first degree murder charge, he faces 3 counts of attempted murder for firing at the three other teens in the vehicle, who luckily were unharmed during the shooting.
Both Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis’ parents have met on several occasions offering support to one another.
Jordan Davis' parents, Ron Davis & Lucia Mcbath

It’s reported that Trayvon Martin’s father, Tracy Martin, told Jordan Davis’ father, Ron Davis, “ We are a part of a fraternity nobody wants to be a member of.”
Watch an interview with Jordan Davis’ parents below:


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